Menu prices and variety can vary by location, please refer online menu and ask for details before ordering


    Chicken or Beef Bowl

    Teriyaki Chicken or Beef with Rice

    Chicken | Price …  $9.95

    Beef | Price … $10.95

    Fried Rice
    (Nasi Goreng)

    Seafood & Vegetable

    Price … $10.95

    Teriyaki Chicken Breast

    Grilled Chicken Breast

    Price … $15.95

    Charbroiled Baby Lamb Chops


    Price … $25.95

    Chilean Sea Bass

    Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Miso Sauce

    Price … $21.95

    Beef Steak

    Charbroiled Beef Steak in Galric Pepper

    Price … $18.95

    B.B.Q. Short Rib

    Charbroiled Beef Rib served with Rice

    Price … $18.95

    Salmon Steak

    Charbroiled Salmon Steak with Teriyaki Sauce

    Price … $17.95


    All Sizzling Hot Plates

    Served with Sauteed Vegetable & Steam Rice

    Chicken             $13.95
    Beef                   $14.95
    Baked Cod        $15.95

    Sukiyaki Bibimbap

    Mixed Rice with Marinated Beef, Kimchi, Onion, Bean Sprouts, Eggs & Smelt Eggs

    Price … $12.95